Experienced Design

Theme-scape designer, Edge brings the natural feel, color and texture of authentic rugged rock to any setting. With the exceptional creative and engineering experience of artist, John Masztalar, clients can grow their ideas from paper to perfection. The end result is a one-of-a-kind functional piece to enhance your facility while blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. For those who appreciate exceptional quality and unique design, this is the peak of the industry.

Unique in Creation

Unlike other rock walls, each Edge sculpture is individually created without molds or impressions. This technique allows for flexibility and uniqueness of design. No one will say they have seen or climbed this wall somewhere else! In addition, Edge can incorporate landscaped or structural features such as water, waterfalls, tree house, trees, foliage, caves, or bridges for an original environmental experience. Super Natural Hand Sculpted Climbing Walls are created with sculpting artist and climbers who create incredibly natural and realistic granite, basalt, sandstone or limestone forms and finishes. Edge has taken indoor and outdoor climbing to a whole new level and dimension by being able to create any shapes or challenges imaginable.

Passion for Perfection

Created by artists who know the thrill and challenge of the climb, Edge Climbing Walls are far superior in quality without a premium price. Edge is The Leading “REAL ROCK” Climbing Walls Manufacturer - offering the most realistic climbing walls and themed environments available in the industry. Our designers will take your ideas and engineer a structure that is safe and up to local code. Projects are created with an internal steel structure and an Artistic Real Rock look and genuine feel. Painted finishes perfect the exterior and weather sealant protects. Rock walls are inclusive of hardware for lead and top rope anchors, ropes and staff training (by ACMG certified instructor). Staff training also includes wall maintenance belay instruction and risk management.

Distinctly Diverse Clientele

Edge provides design and creative services to resorts, theme parks, entertainment facilities, playgrounds, climbing gyms, fitness centers, military training facilities, and universities, as well as private residences. Client input is key and your happiness is our success. Let us turn your vision into a reality with a long-lasting, attractive and guaranteed product.

Advantages of Edge:

  • Each work is completely unique using no molds.
  • Realistic reproduction of shapes, feel and color of stone.
  • Creative enhancing features like waterfalls, caves, bridges or trees.
  • Sturdy construction for outside or indoor use.
  • Projects created of recyclable materials, with little waste.
  • Optional handicap accessible or special needs structures.
  • Designer personally uses and tests products.
  • Later additions or expansions possible on structures.
  • Company Logos may be sculpted into the finished piece of work.
  • Positive and negative holds are available for a more natural climbing wall.
  • Engineering expertise working with local regulation codes.
  • Client input and Customer Service is of prime consideration.
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